Finding cost-free counselling has become increasingly difficult. Although some psychologists may be willing to provide services that are cost-free in certain circumstances, often searching for one requires a lot of calling around, and it can feel demeaning explaining your circumstances (particularly if you don’t have a pensioner concession card).

Here at Think Do Now, our ethos is to enable cost-free access to therapy for anyone who would benefit – we provide individual psychological therapy for all adult clients, no explanation required. Many people from all walks of life experience economic difficulty, and sadly, clients can avoid helpful therapy due to financial strain.

Feel free to read about our model of service, find out more about treatment, or link with your local psychologist’s profile. The need for cost-free treatment in the community is substantial, and if we’re unable to accommodate your booking we can help you find referral options*.

There really is no better time. Think Do Now.

*Referrals to third party services may not be cost-free.