To access Think Do Now services cost-free, simply visit your GP to obtain a treatment plan. The steps are as follows:

  1. Explain what’s happening to your GP, and let them know that you’re thinking about accessing counselling services through Think Do Now.
  2. Your GP can then issue you with a mental health treatment plan, including your initial 6 sessions of therapy (further sessions can be organised by your treating psychologist as required – up to 10 per year).
  3. Call us and organise an appointment and location that suits your needs.
  4. Bring your mental health treatment plan, along with your Medicare card, to your first session.

If there are any psychological concerns related to a work injury, you can also speak with your GP about engaging a SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation claim. See our Workers Compensation tab for more details.

If at any stage of the process you’d like more information, simply call us or have your GP call us if they’d like to know more about our treatment options – more information can always be accessed through our treatment tab.