Cost-free counselling is available for clients living in remote or rural areas.  To see if you are eligible, enter your address at this link to determine if the location is classed as MM4 to MM7.  Please call or email if you are unsure and we can help.

For eligible clients, the process is simple:

  1. Arrange a referral with your GP.
  2. Schedule your initial appointment by calling our office and advising you live in a rural area.
  3. Your psychologist can then organise ongoing appointments by video conference.

If you do not live in an eligible area, and wish to pay an out-of-pocket expense for video conferencing, our fee schedule is in line with the Australian Association of Psychologists’ recommended fee amounts.

Think Do Now continues to advocate for cost-free access to mental health care wherever possible.  If you are not eligible for video conferencing but wish to enquire about outdoor appointments or alternate locations, please call or email to discuss.