Speaking with a registered psychologist about what is going on for you can be a great help.  For more information about who you’ll be working with, link with your local psychologist’s profile through the Australian Association of Psychologists’ website.

In addition to a professional and confidential space, a trained psychologist is able to give perspective, using evidence-based practice, no matter if your concerns are interpersonal (i.e., family; communication), mood-related (i.e., depression; anxiety), or something else (i.e., drug use; grief; trauma).

In most cases, clients can feel overwhelmed and have many of these concerns at once. By communicating through your concerns with a professional psychologist, you can reduce your base level of stress, increasing your capacity to focus on solutions.

The counselling environment is different for everyone, because your psychologist works with you. Nobody has the same needs, so everybody receives a personalised service.

If you’re feeling worried about picking up the phone and making an appointment, that is normal. But progress takes courage, and the first step is often the hardest.

If you’d like to know more about models of evidence-based practice used by your psychologist, see our treatment tab, or call us any time to discuss.