Think Do Now offers individual counselling services through Open Arms Veterans & Families Counselling (formerly VVCS), and/or for eligible DVA health card holders.

If you would like to arrange counselling at one of our locations through Open Arms, follow this link for further information, or call Open Arms directly on 1800 011 046.

For DVA White Card holders, you can confirm your eligibility for psychological services by calling the DVA Health Provider Line on 1800 550 457.  If you are eligible, or if you hold a DVA Gold Card, simply request a referral from your GP before calling our office.  Please provide your DVA number (shown on your card) when making your initial appointment.

Alternatively, you can speak with your GP and engage referral through the mental health treatment plan.  See our referrals tab for details on how to do so.  If you’re concerned about any of the details, send us an email or call.  We’d be happy to help.