Think Do Now is a supporter of workplace well-being.  If your business cares about supporting employees to increase their sense of satisfaction at work, as well as reduce burnout and absenteeism, simply call our office to organise a group session.

We offer a 2-part dedicated workshop using evidence-based cognitive principles and mindfulness skills training to help employees*.  Additional programmes for one-on-one assessment and solution-focussed intervention, as well as corporate strategy and policy analysis are also offered**.

Engaging a workplace well-being programme through Think Do Now also means you’re helping to ensure blanket cost-free psychology services in general.  Read about our Robin Hood model of service provision for more details, and take a look at our ethos.  We will provide a glass trophy for your office so your staff and customers can see your business supports this cause.

Regrettably, due to the ongoing impacts resulting from COVID-19 for many local and regional businesses, our workshops are currently unavailable – please email or call our office if you’d like to be placed on our contact list.

** For corporate/policy analysis, specific information is required for quotation, and timing will vary depending on your business circumstances – please send your details through via email for individualised pricing options, or call our office if you’d like to know more or discuss your needs.